NAYEC Family Survey Report
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Tuesday, June 06, 2017
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Thank you to all the families who participated in the NAEYC Family Survey, the full results are in the spreadsheet found here: RESULTS


We had a 73% percent of the surveys returned, 11 out of the 15 families returned a NAEYC Family Survey.

We scored 100% on 16 of the 22 questions. Question 23-24 did not pertain to our program as we do not serve infants or toddlers.


Results of the questions under 100%

Q. 4 I talk with a teacher about my child at least once a week?

10-yes  1-No = 91%

       A.-All families are welcome to speak with teachers at drop off and pick up each day. For conversations that need to be scheduled parents may request a meeting via their child’s daily log, or email the head teacher to set up a time to speak. This information is presented during intake interviews and located on pg. 11 of the handbook.

Q.5 I have received information at enrollment and/or throughout the year about the program mission and philosophy?

10-yes  1-No =  91%

         A.-Upon acceptance to the program all families must return the enrollment packet which includes a signature page stating they have          read and understood the handbook policies and procedures, page 4 of the handbook states the program mission and philosophies.

Q. 13 . I receive written reports about my child at least twice a year.

7-Yes   3-No   1-Don’t Know  = 64%

         A.-Written reports are given during parent – teacher conferences, please see pg. 12 of the handbook for further information.

Q. 17 . I am always welcome at the program and am invited to participate by helping to plan events, being involved in decisions about the program, and taking on leadership roles.

10-Yes  1-No = 91%

         A- All parents are invited to join the Parent Advisory Committee that meets tri-annually to plan events, make decisions about                  programming and have a leadership role. Please see pg. 11 of the handbook.

Q.18. I am provided with a translator when needed.

2- Yes  9-Don’t know = 18%

         A-The FRC will provide a translator if needed for ESL families this information is located on pg.12 of the handbook.

Q.19. The program staff helps me learn about community events and resources that can help my child and family.

10-Yes  1-No = 91%

        A-If you need assistance with housing, education, counseling, securing medical insurance, finding a medical home, ongoing well-child         care, immunizations and health, dental and nutritional screenings please contact the Community Engagement Coordinator for                     assistance, located on pg. 13 of the handbook. The FRC website has information and links to other community events in Branford.

Q.20. The program gives me information to help my child make a smooth transition to kindergarten or first grade.

7-Yes  4-Don’t Know = 64%

        A- The head teacher and FRC director will meet with the children’s kindergarten teachers to discuss the transition; page 23 of the               parent handbook has the full details of the transition plan.

Q.21. When program evaluations are completed; I receive information about the findings.

9- Yes  2-Don’t Know = 82%

         A-NAYEC surveys are completed and the findings posted to the school’s website for parents and the community to review. 

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