Tisko Before and After School Program


Kim O'Hara-Penna- Site Supervisor
koharapenna@branfordschools.org T: (203) 315-3555

Dear Parents,

We have had a great beginning to the school year. The children have settled into their routines and have begun to make positive connections to each other and staff.

This month we will continue to reinforce our K.I.N.D. rules (K= keep our hands feet and objects to ourselves, I= include others, N= notice other people's feelings, and D= do the right thing). We will continue to learn the rules of the games that we play and to emphasize teamwork and good sportsmanship.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to seek out a senior staff member, call the site or email me at koharapenna@branfordschools.org.


Activities for this month will include:

  • Dixie cup squirrel
  • Not afraid of posters
  • Fall paper chains
  • Paper plate apple core
  • Pumpkin & Cat craft
  • 3D fall tree
  • Bat & mummy craft
  • Spiders in their web craft
  • Make a mummy race