Murphy Before and After School Program

Murphy Before and After School Newsletter
September 2017

We would like to welcome you all to our Before and After School FRC/SACC Programs!

Our Team~~ My name is Joanne Barbash and I am the Supervisor here in the Before and After School Programs. I have been with SACC over fourteen years, and have been Supervisor in the Murphy After School for most of those years. It is my pleasure to be joining the Before School Program this year!

Our team also includes a wonderful Program Staff ~
Diane Celentano (BS/AS), Pam Florio (AS), Lisette Perrotti (AS), Lauren Luparia (AS),
Alesha Blondell (AS), and Olivia Bolden (AS)

We are excited to start the new school year and look forward to watching the children smile, play, learn, and grow each day!

Our goal is to provide the children with a safe, happy, and growing environment. Your children and their ability to interact socially with peers, is highly important to us, and a goal of our program.
Your input, open communication and cooperation are very helpful and also of importance.
Please do not hesitate to see me with questions, comments or concerns at any time.

You can email me, or call the site phone here any day and leave a message, I will get back to you as soon as possible.
** Murphy SACC phone number~ 203.315.3563 or email~

Snack~ We do not provide the snack, but do have a short snack time each afternoon. Please pack your child a snack/drink for After School.** Please choose NUT FREE snacks.
Morning~ Breakfast can be purchased for $1.85 in the morning, or the children may bring their own breakfast in the Before School. ** 8:15 is the cut off time to purchase breakfast in the Before School program. After that, breakfast can be purchased from the Cafeteria Staff at 8:40.

Absent~ If your child will be absent OR an early pick up and is supposed to be attending the After School program, PLEASE inform us. You can email me, or leave a message on the site phone if needed. It is NOT the responsibility of the MTM school staff to inform us. This causes much disruption if we do not know the whereabouts of children who should be with us.

Sign In/Out Sheet~ Needs to be signed every day at drop off & pick up with parents initials and time in corresponding box. Please do not have children signing in/out for you.
Pick-up~ Anyone picking your child up needs to be on the 'pick up list' and show proper identification.
Parent Table~ Please check table when you sign in/out for important information and sign ups for "Vacation Days". Children need to be signed up to attend. Payment is due at sign up.
Kindergarten~ We will walk Kindergarten children to class in the morning, and pick them up from class for the After School.
Parent handbook~ Please be sure to read as everyone must be aware of our policies. You can find the handbook online under the FRC website.

September Dates to Remember~ 4th.. Labor day...SACC CLOSED
20th ... Early Dismissal... SACC Begins @ 1:25

And so... the adventure begins!

Joanne & Staff