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February 2018

Update~ January was a cold one, but we managed to get outside and run around a bit. Some of our wintery crafts are displayed on the board, others were taken home. Q-tip snow flakes, snowmen of many faces, winter fox, bean art and fuse bead crafts were among some creations!

Upcoming~ Hearts and Friendship will be our theme for February! All activities and crafts will reflect one or both.

Friendship- a friendly feeling or attitude : kindness or help given to someone. The only way to have a friend is to be one.

"The Boy Who Cried Wolf" classic book will be read to the children in both before and after school programs. We frequently have conversations about positive character traits, including truthfulness. Of course, the boy who cried wolf book comes up when adults talk about the importance of telling the truth. None of the children have ever heard of that classic, or Pinocchio, for that matter! So, it is on the way from amazon, to be read in a fun book activity when it arrives. A great story with a perfect open door to talk about how important it is to be truthful!

Important February Dates to Remember~

14 th... Early Dismissal, SACC begins 1:25
Do you need Drop-In care for this day After School? Please let us know.

19th.. SACC CLOSED (School Closed)

• 20th
.. SACC Vacation Day* (School Closed)
* Sign up needed and is OPEN now until Friday 2/9.. Payment Due @ sign up

A friend is what the heart needs all the time.

Joanne and Staf