Murphy Before and After School Program

Murphy FRC/SACC Newsletter

November 2017



Before School- We have traded the first round of coins, and have begun the next round, which will end in December. You may see colorful plastic coins in your child's backpack, and they should be all together in one spot. (the 'organization' piece of our learning experience!) Please have them ask for a baggie if you see scattered coins.

Everyone is getting used to their "job" and the transition is starting to smooth out! Every Friday is 'pay day', and coins are given then for weekly work! Showing acts of kindness, caring, helping, etc., will also earn a coin. We have had a couple of those awesome acts along the way as well!

After School~ We continue to enjoy the great weather and outdoor play. Please be sure your child has a
coat and proper accessories for outdoor play as we will still be going out as the weather changes. Younger
children get cold very easily and will be needing hats and mittens with the change in temperature.
The children are truly enjoying the crafts, and our bulletin board looks super! If you haven't seen it, take a

Morning children did a wonderful job stuffing our friendly scarecrow, Frank! He enjoys reading, and
loves to have his picture taken with the children!
Thank you to all families who brought in cereal boxes for our crafting needs. Your help is greatly

Upcoming~ November will reflect "thankfulness" in the program with many activities. For one~ In both
programs, all children will be asked to write down (younger children will need parents help), in their own
words, what they are thankful for, and why! Our staff will choose five most 'original' and 'outstanding'
from each program and award certificates to those ten participants. All entries will be posted in collage
form at our site.

There will be an envelope on the parent table, please leave your child's thankful answer in there. Be sure
their name is clearly printed on the paper. **Due by Nov.13th

'Please' and 'Thank You' will be taught in Sign Language, and used in the program throughout the month!

Community Outreach~ Each year, we reach out to the community in some way. One of our projects
will take place this month. The after school children will again this year construct table center pieces for a
community program. Once I have a solidified confirmation, I will let you know our recipient. The before
school program will be making holiday cards for a center next month.

November Dates to Remember~

22nd ... Early Dismissal~ SACC begins @ 1:25
23rd & 24th ... SACC CLOSED  Happy Thanksgiving!!

Joanne and Staff